Robert McDonald

About Dr. Robert McDonald:

Robert is an internationally known NLP trainer. He was part of the group of the early developers of NLP. After an education in psychology he received his Masters degree in counseling and mental health. In 2004 he got a doctorate in Divinity.

Robert is co-author of the books Tools of the Spirit, NLP: the New Technology of Achievement and Success Mastery with NLP. He did groundbreaking work by developing with NLP brief therapy, from which he eventually founded the Destination© Method.

His mission is "to heal and to be healed. His vision is "a world populated with healers." And the purpose in his life is creating "Heaven on Earth."

For more than 30 years he teaches seminars and courses all over the world. His work is based on the teleological principle that behind every behavior, feeling, thought, fantasy, attitude and experience there is an universal acceptable positive intention.

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