The site of the founder of the Destination® Method: Dr. Robert McDonald, NLP trainer from California. You can find the background of his method, his schedule, different seminars, etc.

The foundation that is creating NLPt (neuro-linguistic psychotherapy) in Holland, with an education that meets the criteria of the European Association for Psychotherapy, the EAP.

The Dutch Association for NLP, the NVNLP. Here all diversities of NLP in Holland come together, like NLPt.

The Dutch Association for Psychologists and Psychotherapists, the NVPA. A professional organization that pursues a precise quality policy.

The site of Robert Dilts, one of the main developers in the NLP world. Together with Robert McDonald he taught the seminar Tools of the Spirit all over the world, and also they wrote together a book about this seminar. Robert has been and still is very important for the development of the NLP tools, and he keeps on bringing new tools to the NLP community.

The Institute for the Advanced Studies of Health, IASH. This is the NLP World Health Community. This community is busy with the development of NLP and health.

An institute that organized NLP training in Holland from the beginning, and still is organizing many NLP trainings.