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The Transgenerational Trauma Technique with dr Robert Dee McDonald (2 days) - Destination Coaching

30 June 2024by Henk de Vos

making peace with Generations of Inherited Suffering

Trans-generational trauma is inherited suffering.  It includes the emotional and mental wounds that are unwittingly transmitted from parents to children.  The wounds take many forms: relationship issues, fears and phobias, various physical issues, and deeply ingrained negative beliefs about self-worth, self-love, self-confidence, and self-respect.

In his quest to understand and resolve inherited suffering, Rev. Dr. Robert Dee McDonald created the Trans-Generational Trauma Technique, which stands as a beacon of hope for countless people. It provides individuals with the tools and insights necessary to recognize, articulate, and ultimately end the deeply rooted suffering that has plagued them and their families for generations. As a result, his work empowers people to live healthier, more fulfilling lives and creates a legacy of emotional well-being for generations to come.

Dr. McDonald begins by identifying the root or representational causes of trans-generational trauma within an individual’s family history. This step explores family dynamics, ancestral stories, and unwanted patterns of behavior, thought, and limiting beliefs.  Once the unconscious structure of multi-generational pain is identified, individuals are empowered to re-route the unhealthy energetic flow, freeing themselves and all subsequent generations.

The Trans-Generational Trauma Technique is part of The Destination Method, Dr. McDonald’s transpersonal coaching strategy.  He has taught TDM worldwide for decades.

“Since the technique, I’ve found myself in a state of awe and silence.  I feel safety, security, and trust I’ve never known.

I feel a weight I’ve carried all my life — all my life — has been lifted.  It’s simply gone. 

So is my self-doubt and shame.”  Casey McCann (2023).

” I experienced profound forgiveness for myself and my father. I did not even try to forgive …it just naturally emerged as a result of this incredible process. All anger, resentment, negative judgement, etc. was simply not there anymore, without any conscious effort.”  Jeb Arcement (2023)

When:      September 27 & 28, 2024.  9.30 am – 5.30 pm each day.

Where:     Zuid-Beijerland, Holland (close to Rotterdam)

Cost:        EUR 695,-.  (coffee and tea included)

Register Now:  Henk de Vos, vosjes.box@gmail.com; tel +31655134034



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