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3 day course Dynamic Listening with dr Robert Dee McDonald - Destination Coaching

30 June 2024by Henk de Vos

Communication for a change!

Do you want to be a great communicator? Robert McDonald will help you, with warmth and humor, to awaken your capabilities. Learn the secrets of the deepest listening skills that will change your life forever.  If you go for personal and professional growth, than you belong in this course.

What you can learn:
o  How you can be sure that you have listened at the deepest possible level.
o  How to listen with empathy and to help people by listening.
o  Very precise listening skills that can be used both in personal coaching as in a business context.
o  Communication skills that can be used in daily life with friends and family.

For whom:
o  Everyone who has a relationship with other persons, friends, families
o  All kinds of professional coaches, therapists and other helpers
o  Everyone with the sincere wish to help others personally and professionally

Most people think that they are already good listeners. But there’s more than empathic listening, this is about listening at the deepest level, by which other people also are invited to go deeper. This interaction creates unknown new possibilities!

The course will be translated into Dutch


     “I thought I was a good listener until I took this class.  During the training I got down on my knees and apologized to my wife because I realized I had never really listened before.”  Bill Parker

Dates:                        October 1-3, 2024  (Tuesday – Thursday)

Location:                   Zuid-Beijerland, Holland (close to Rotterdam)
Investment               € 1095,-  (coffee and tea included)

Enrollment                Henk de Vos, Torenlaan 47, 3284 KZ Zuid-Beijerland
tel. +316-55134034  – email: vosjes.box@gmail.com

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