The Destination® Method


The Destination Method was developed by the American NLP trainer Dr. Robert McDonald. In his course Healing The Wounded Heart (Core Tools for Coaches) he teaches coaches and therapists how to heal "wounded hearts" in an effective way with integrity. Therefore Robert uses the metaphor of the combination of the Heart and the Sword: the bringing together of, on the one hand, the compassion with the client, and on the other hand the technology of Destination Coaching. The Heart provides meaning, but not a predictable change. Therefore the Sword is needed. The combination of these two leads to what Robert calls "empowered compassion": involvement that leads to outcome oriented work. Since we had already many courses in Holland we're happy that many Destination Coaches are working here.

Information about the method

The Destination Method is a very powerful and effective way to help people with many kinds of problems. In psychotherapy and coaching the outcome oriented approach is in general more effective for getting results than when working only on getting more insights in the problem. An important feature of the Destination Method is that it's not trying to analyze the problem itself, but that it's looking for the interference that's in the way of the resolution. Then, with the help of highly developed tools these interferences can be overcome. In this way the desired outcome will be reached easily.

In this method the core question is all the time: "What do you want?" In other words: what is it that the client regards as his or her 'Destination'? What's the outcome towards the cli‘nt wants to work? There's a precise exploration of how the Destination looks like and how the client can be sure whether he or she has reached the Destination. And finally this question will be asked: "What stops you from being there already?" If there would not be a Destination the client would not have a reason to seek for help, that's why it's so important to find out about the nature of the interference. This will eventually determine which method the coach will use to help the client to reach their Destination.

Destination® Coaching and NLP

The tools that are used in the Destination Method are developed from the very effective NLP methods. These methods have proven to be valuable many times already. One of the principles of NLP is that all of our experiences lead to internal representations, that is, how we in our minds process and store information. This is also supported by recent neurological research for the working of the memory and the so called amygdale: the place in the brain where early emotional memories are stored. We represent experiences in our minds in 5 different (combinations of) ways: with images, sounds, (bodily) feelings, tastes and smells. On these representations emotions are linked. If someone sees continually an image of an annoying situation, for instance a car accident, there's a great chance that this person will experience unpleasant emotions, like for example fear. These representations of experiences are mainly unconscious. The main thing that we are aware of is the emo tion itself (for instance: unpleasant, oppressive, confusion, fear). Oftentimes it's not at all clear how we create these emotions. Only by asking the right questions the coach (and the client) will find out. NLP offers instruments to change these representations, by which also the emotions will change. Destination Coaching has developed and refined some of the most effective NLP-tools It's therefore important to be very exact in finding out what it is that stops the client from reaching their outcome. The work is done with respect for the client and in service of the client. Also the process is very clear, so that the client will feel very well guided: there's a clear outcome, a beginning, a couple of steps and an end, where there will be a check if the outcome is reached. The Destination Coach will always be able to explain why he or she chooses for the tool that is used.

Why people ask for help

The Destination Coach can work with many kinds of emotional issues, like:

  • fear
  • phobias
  • post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • negative internal dialogue
  • certain kinds of depression
  • inner conflict
  • emotional enmeshment with persons
  • co-dependency
  • addictions
  • limiting beliefs that stop you from having what you want
  • grief

It's also possible to work with different kinds of physical problems, like for instance allergy.

Who are we?

We organize courses and workshops with Robert McDonald since 1998. We want to contribute to healing the heart of the world in this way. Many people have already been in our courses, and in this way a kind of "community" was created, we're very glad with it.

If you want to know more, you can of course always contact us:

  • Henk en Anneke de Vos
  • Torenlaan 47
  • 3284 KZ Zuid-Beijerland
  • Netherlands

  • telephone +31-186-662416
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Contact with Destination Coaches?

If you want to make an appointment with one of the Destination Coaches, it's good to ask yourself this question: what do I want, or where do I want to go?

In the first contact you have with the coach you choose there can be a quick evaluation if the Destination Method is the best way to deal with your wanted outcome.

Destination® Coaching: Our Mission

Destination Coaching was founded by the American NLP trainer Dr. Robert McDonald. He explains the tools of NLP very precise, in this way deep changes become possible. These are the most precise and powerful tools that you can imagine for coaching. Also Robert added more to the NLP tools: this is about the way they are used. Not the way a mechanic fixes a car, but coaching as an interhuman communication, with compassion. The mission of Destination© Coaching to educate as much effective coaches as possible, who want to and are able to help people resolve problems that stop them from growing and evolving. To heal and to be healed! Eventually our vision is that there will be a world that is populated with effective healers.

The method the Destination© Coach uses is like that of a taxi driver. The client wants to go somewhere, but doesn't know how to get there. Therefore he goes into the taxi of the Destination© Coach, who knows the way. So the client must know where he or she wants to go. The coach then knows how to deal with what stops the client, so that the Destination can be reached. Destination© Coaching can be regarded as a form of brief therapy, because the coach knows how to be very effective in going from A to B.

Destination® Coaching and Spirituality

It's not easy to define spirituality. Often people say that NLP is spiritual. But we see NLP only as a tool. Still, a very powerful tool, that can help you to come to places where you would never arrive without them. Yet it's not more than a tool, that from itself is not spiritual. The Destination Coach uses these powerful tools that NLP created. But in a special way: with compassion, amongst others because he or she can very well go into the different perceptual positions, In this way a deep connection can emerge. This will greatly open the possibility to go to the spiritual space. But all the time this will depend on what the client wants. And also: depending on the interferences that have to be dealt with by the Destination© Method.