Courses and Seminars

Courses and seminars are organized in conference centre De Poort at Groesbeek, in the eastern part of Holland (close to the German border). Courses are translated into Dutch.


Dynamic Listening and Metaphors - Core Tools for Listening:
How to listen at different levels. How to listen in a deep way. The most powerful listening skills that exist. And the basis for a metaphor. How to create them in an easy way. Everything is first taught and demonstrated, and then there's the possibility to experience it personally.
Duration: 4 days

The Destination Method Live - The Fundamentals of Core Tools for Coaches
One day, where Robert demonstrates what is possible with his Destination© Method. Participants can bring in every problem that they want to change, and Robert will work with it. A great way to meet his work for the first time!

Healing The Wounded Heart - Core Tools for Coaches
The basic training in the Destination© Method. For coaches and therapists who want to learn the best skills, and how to work very precise so that they can get predictable results.
Divided into 3 parts of 4 days.

Other courses and seminars:

Sleight of Mouth
A course where several patterns of Sleight of Mouth will be explained, demonstrated en practiced
This course will probably be scheduled in the beginning of 2006.

Freedom from Addiction
Learn and experience the releasing from addictions and the emotional enmeshment with persons. The background is the Cycle of Addictions and will be explained. The process of releasing emotional enmeshment, which was created by Robert McDonald, will be explained and demonstrated, and then everyone can have the experience.
Duration: 3 days

Dream Dynamics
A dream is part of an intimate conversation with your deep self. Freud talked about a dream as "the royal way to the unconscious mind." In this seminar there's an integration of Gestalt, NLP and the Destination© Method.
Duration: 2 days

Healing The Inner Critic
Discovering and transforming the inner critic. But also: how to deal with external criticism. Discovering the positive intentions.
Duration: 1 day

The Centered Coach
How to go on with your work as a compassionate healer without becoming exhausted. Learn how to protect yourself against emotional exhaustion and burn-out. Develop and preserve a powerful centered self.
Duration: 1 day

Resolving Allergies
How to resolve allergies in different ways with help of the Destination© Method.
Duration: 1 day

Modeling Genius
The pathway to personal genius: what is needed for it. The basic principles of modeling, and with this creating a situation in which you can actual experience personal genius.
Duration: 3 days

The Spirit of Personal Wealth
Discover what stops you to develop yourself fully. Discover your mission in life. Release yourself from mediocrity, so that you can grow without interferences.
Duration: 3 days