Healing Wounded Hearts
This article gives a description of the course Healing The Wounded Heart, a discussion about the backgrounds and the method.

Whispering in the Wind - book review
The last book of John Grinder, one of the two founders of NLP, challenged to this reaction. Grinder wants to go back to his base, linguistics, and he wnats NLP to work more at the unconscious level. The respons disputes the tendency to map NLP only as a set of techniques.

From Freud to NLPt (sorry, no translation available)
Gives an overview of the many trends in psychotherapy and the place of neuro-linguistic psychotherapy (NLPt) in this vast area.

Shamanism and NLP (sorry, no translation available)
In the NLP there is a tendency to annex everything. Without holding on the principle of Bandler and Grinder to start with modeling. This article gives a vision on the links and contrast between NLP and shamanism.

Perceptual Positions (sorry, no translation available)
One of the most powerful models in NLP is that of the perceptual positions: 1st position (in your own body), 2nd position (imagining that you become the other person for a while) and 3rd position (the observer). The positions are discussed and a description is given of the value of each of the positions. Also what could be a problem in this model. Perceptual positions can be seen as a beginning of the evolution of awareness.

To see - or to believe? (sorry, no translation available)
This article settles with the reading glasses. What is necessary to use your perfect eyes again in the right way. Including the practicing sheet that is needed!

NLP as panacea? (sorry, no translation available)
A personal story.

Genius (sorry, no translation available)
Accoring to the seminar Modeling Genius this is a discussion about what is needed to create personal genius.